Faith-Popular Culture-Imagination
Dr. Ted Turnau, author of Popologetics: “Making resources on popular culture and imagination available to those curious about how they relate to the Christian faith (like me), even if they don’t call themselves Christian.

Thomas K. Johnson 
Dr. Johnson is a human rights theorist, moral philosopher, and evangelical theologian, who represents the World Evangelical Alliance as Special Envoy to the Vatican and as Special Envoy for Engaging Humanitarian Islam. He has published short studies on many topics.

Thinking Christianly
Dr. Stan Wallace is the President of Global Scholars. His blog promotes “ideas to help thoughtful Christians integrate biblical truth into all aspects of their studies, life, and work.”

Dru Johnson
Dr. Johnson is the author of several books and associated with the Center for Hebraic Thought and The Biblical Mind.

Bible Literacy Coalition
“We need to retrieve and restore deep Bible engagement that aims at literacy and fluency.”

Third Millenium Ministries
Our goal is to provide Christian education to hundreds of thousands of pastors around the world who lack sufficient training for ministry. We are meeting this goal by publishing and globally distributing a free multilingual, multimedia, digital seminary curriculum.

European Leadership Forum
Many articles and videos available, in particular concerning worldview and apologetics: “The mission of the European Leadership Forum (Forum) is to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and evangelize Europe.”

The Gospel Coalition
Hundreds of articles available in many subjects.

World Reformed Fellowship
Many articles and resources available:The WRF exists to provide networking links among evangelical Reformed Christians world-wide.  Our goal is that, through this networking, ‘the strengths of some will become the strengths of all in the service of Jesus Christ.’”

World Evangelical Alliance
“The Global Theology Department exists to lead an ongoing global discussion process between WEA’s wide range of members, churches, training institutions, theologians, and researchers, seeking to speak with one voice to the world and connects WEA to all other global Christian communions.”

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