How to be Intellectually Irrelevant . . . as a Christian

(Or, How not to love God with the mind)

 In order to become intellectually impotent and irrelevant as a follower of Jesus Christ, simply implement at least one of the following attitudes:

Naive attitude: Some are blissfully unaware or ignorant by choice.

Curious but uncommitted: Many want intellectual entertainment, but are unwilling to discipline their minds or submit to programmatic learning.

Committed but undisciplined: Many view learning like a cafeteria and consume what is appealing, rather than what has balance and nutrition.

Intellectual pride: Some think they know enough already or that they know best the path to knowledge.

Independent spirit: Some approach theological education based upon what is interesting or easiest.

Consumer approach: Some “shop” for knowledge, learning formats, and instructors that conform to their “buying” preferences. When study becomes difficult or boring, they take their “business” elsewhere.

Intellectual laziness: Some are not willing to pay the price of learning and self-discipline.

Triviality: Some are conditioned by modern technology and inconsequential chatter through social media, so they are not prepared to read, write, or reflect deeply.

Passivity: Some fulfill the role assigned to them by society — intellectual simplicity, private religiosity, and subjective spirituality.

Sacred-secular dichotomy: Some comply with modern secularism that declares spirituality and worldview are just private and personal and is only useful for Sunday at church.

Social obstacles: Many are distracted by the demands of culture (sports, parties, family).

Anti-intellectualism: Some resist study and reflection because their tradition minimizes the need for theology or thinking.

Fundamentalism: Some resist study due to “separation” from the world and do not interact with culture or worldview.

Capitulation: Some embrace the postmodern narrative and myth of progress — the past is irrelevant, authority is questionable, and every perspective is equally valid.

Spiritual resistance: Some reject or delay theological education because it is a spiritual battle that they are losing.

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