4 thoughts on “Interview with Osam Temple”

  1. Our Professor Osam!! We thank God to have you in our lives ! A man of God who’s wisdom and knowledge are stunning and breathtaking 🙏🙏🙏


  2. Our very own professor! We are grateful for you! We glorify God in the most deepest way because of your teaching! Thank you very much prof Osam! We love you 😘


  3. Prof. Osam is a charismatic scholar. The few times i heard him teach on leadership were deeply impactful, intellectual, rational and spiritual. He is a teacher with a radical departure from the normal.


  4. Thank you Richard and Dr. Osam Temple for an excellent interview. I especially appreciated your comments about the need for African Christian academics to deconstruct concepts that you have inherited from the West and the Enlightenment. North Americans Christians need to hear this. Blessings on the development of your Program 500. It sounds excellent.


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